New Book: Seeing Jesus – A Disciple’s Perspective

Book cover imageIt’s finally done! I’ve been working on my first book for the past 4 to 5 months. The purpose for the book is to help followers of Jesus get to know Him better. The content is based on things I’ve written on here and on my main website. The writing is of better quality because I had a few local school teachers help me proof-read it! The book is called Seeing Jesus – A Disciple’s Perspective and it should be available in paperback in less than a week. The Kindle version is available right now by clicking on the cover image to the left.

I originally intended, back in August of last year, to put together a book based solely on the contents of this blog. But I found I had some other writings that fit into the theme of following Jesus, so I included them also.

Click here to read more about the book.

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  1. alisa hope:

    How exciting! I pray Jesus is glorified through your writing!!! I love the title 🙂

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