Many years ago I discovered that to be a Christian meant to be a disciple of Jesus. He didn’t save me just so I could spend eternity in heaven with Him. He didn’t intend that I just spend time in prayer, or Bible study, or doing good works. He wants me to follow Him. This means I need to learn to recognize His voice and continually submit to His leading. This is what a relationship with Jesus is about.

In order to better recognize the voice of my Shepherd (John 10:4), I’m spending a lot of time going through the gospels. My goal is not just to understand them in an intellectual way, but to seek the heart and mind of Jesus Christ. The better I know Him in this way, the easier it will be to recognize His voice.

This blog is a kind of gospel ‘travelogue’ through Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I want to see Jesus as those around Him saw Him, but I also want to look deeper into who He is, what He did, and why He did those things. I don’t intend on going through each book in order, or even sticking to a particular chronology, but I do intend on covering most or all of the events and teachings pertaining to Jesus’ adult life in the four gospels. I also am looking in to publishing the contents of this blog (and some other writings) as a series of small books – perhaps a year’s worth of postings at a time.

This blog is about discipleship. Some define this word is being about teaching others to follow Jesus. I prefer to understand it as being directly about following Jesus.

About Me

Andrew BernhardtMy name is Andrew Bernhardt. Originally from southern New Jersey, I’ve lived in Beatty, Nevada (just east of Death Valley) since 1987. I’ve been happily married to my wonderful wife, Wanda, since 1999.

I’m an electronics technician by trade. My interests include hiking, reading, Bible-study, computers (programming in various languages, graphics, sound, office applications, repair, etc.), and both listening to and playing classical and Christian music.

I’ve known Jesus since I was young, although even now I feel I barely know Him. I am an elder at Beatty Community Church. I also play piano there and occasionally teach the adult class or during morning worship.

In the past, I wrote the DTJ-BBS, a discussion-orientated bulletin board system for the Commodore 64. I also drew very difficult and unique mazes, of which I may draw some more in the future.

I’ve had a website since the mid-1990’s, which is currently located at dtjsoft.com. The website is primarily a collection of my writings on topics such as apologetics, discipleship and discipleship.

Click here to contact me.

The photo in the banner is of the salt flats in Death Valley, California. It was taken near the Beatty bypass road looking south.

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  1. Jan Knapp says:


    I have enjoyed looking through your bible notes. I came across them by way of plugging in a very pertinant question that I ponder alot these days. “how to discern a true repentant heart” the reason for this is due to my husband has been in an affair for over a year and I discovered it in august. I hear alot of I am sorry, and I have repented but his actions and words contradict his words of claiming he has repented so therefore I have left him and filed for divorce. I find no joy in this at all but the heart. His words do not reconcile with his actions. I have read a book by Jay Adams on marriage and divorce which has brought me some understanding. YOur writings on true repentants has helped as well. For everytime I talk to my husband I hang on his words to discern if there is a true repentant heart. For now anger for leaving him, blame for the affair, and questions from him to me as to where my grace and mercy is? Thank you again for your teaching of the word, thank you for the time you spend in study and then putting it online. Thank you for using the internet to further his Kingdom and not destroy it. jan

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