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Moved to WordPress

I’ve recently moved the blog from Blogspot to WordPress, hosted on my website. Blogspot (Blogger) was getting next to impossible to write with – and the visual editor generated some nasty looking HTML. WordPress looks to be a lot nicer, much more flexible, and behaves itself better. I cleaned up the HTML in all the posts I’ve imported from Blogspot, and I’ll do the Discipleship Resources next. I still don’t have the site completely the way I’d like it but it’s getting close. I’m also thinking about converting my main website over to WordPress, so I’m using this blog to … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

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A Successful Failure

After the talk with Nicodemus, Jesus and his disciples walked down to Judea to stay for a while and baptize. Emmanuel abided with them (John 3:22). John also was baptizing at Aenon near Salim, because water was plentiful there, and people were coming and being baptized (for John had not yet been put in prison). Now a discussion arose between some of John’s disciples and a Jew over purification. – John 3:23-25 (ESV) All this free-lance baptism activity going on at the Jordan was arousing attention. First John, and now Jesus, were baptizing people apart from the authority of the … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

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An Evening With Nicodemus – part 3

It was the third time Jesus urged Nicodemus to believe the truth: Truly, truly, I say to you, we speak of what we know, and bear witness to what we have seen, but you do not receive our testimony. If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things? – John 3:11-12 (ESV) In the past, God had sent prophets who spoke of temporal issues: sin and its earthly consequences; obedience and the resultant material blessings (Deuteronomy 28, Jeremiah 6:12,7:3-7). Through the Holy Spirit, many prophets foresaw what … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

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An Evening With Nicodemus – part 2

Nicodemus said to him, “How can these things be?” – John 3:9 (ESV) Jesus had just explained the spiritual birds and bees to Nicodemus, and the rabbi was struggling to understand how it all worked. This wasn’t a good thing for someone whom all Israel looked up to for spiritual truth… Jesus answered him, “Are you the teacher of Israel and yet you do not understand these things? – John 3:10 (ESV) This was embarrassing. “How can you teach if you don’t know this?” Wasn’t it obvious that God created the world in such a way that each living thing … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

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An Evening With Nicodemus – part 1

Now there was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews. This man came to Jesus by night … – John 3:1-2a (ESV) One evening, when the disciples were with Jesus, there was a knock at the door. Who should it be but a well-known and highly-respected member of the Sanhedrim. He hadn’t come to chit-chat – it was obvious he had something on his mind. …”Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher come from God, for no one can do these signs that you do unless God is with him.” – John 3:2b (ESV) … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

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Undercover Boss’ Son Revealed

…”Take these things away; do not make my Father’s house a house of trade.” His disciples remembered that it was written, “Zeal for your house will consume me.” – John 2:16-17 The synoptic gospels record Jesus at a similar incident crying out, “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the peoples, but you have made it a den of robbers”. Their focus is more on the house of God and prayer. But John’s focus is on Jesus Himself. He records what the disciples remembered about Jesus, quoted from Psalm 69:9. This prophetic scripture is not about … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

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Market Crash

After this he went down to Capernaum, with his mother and his brothers and his disciples, and they stayed there for a few days. – John 2:12 The wedding was over and Jesus, His family and disciples went down to Capernaum by the sea of Galilee. This would become Jesus’ base of operations, although much of His time would be spent elsewhere. He didn’t stay long in Capernaum this time because the Passover was approaching. The Passover of the Jews was at hand, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem. – John 2:13 John and the others followed Jesus. I picture … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

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First Sign – First Faith

When John wrote his gospel, he decided to include details the other gospel writers left out. It appears from Matthew’s account that John the baptist was already in prison when Jesus began His public ministry (Matthew 4:11-12), but John clarifies this misconception, filling in the missing details from what he witnessed. There was a period of time when Jesus and John the baptist were both ministering (John 3:22-23). John felt no need to repeat most of the details mentioned in the other gospels. Instead he wrote of the things he saw Jesus do that made an impact on him, hoping … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

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A Skeptic Believes

Jesus saw Nathanael coming toward him and said of him, “Behold, an Israelite indeed, in whom there is no deceit!” Nathanael said to him, “How do you know me?” Jesus answered him, “Before Philip called you, when you were under the fig tree, I saw you.” – John 1:47-48 Andrew, Peter, John, and Philip are excited about Jesus and can’t hold it in. Nathanael – he’s more of a realist, a skeptic, someone I can identify with. And he isn’t afraid to let people know what he really thinks on the inside (… something I less identify with). “Sure, the … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

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The Descent

(Previously posted at, Sept. 18, 2011) For let this mind be in you which also was in Christ Jesus, who subsisting in the form of God thought it not robbery to be equal with God, but emptied Himself, taking the form of a slave, having become in the likeness of men and being found in fashion as a man, He humbled Himself, having become obedient until death, even the death of a cross. – Philippians 2:5-8 (Green) The journey of the Son of God from heaven to earth can be described in one word: humbling. The One who created … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

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